Just a quick question in respect to the mmr vaccination…my youngest is currently 13 +months old and I have declined her mmr jab,I’m sceptical about the whole issue of it..I’m stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea..I’ve so many reasons to believe it has links to autism..I’ve done my research and I’m pretty … More M.M.R


It’s been a while since I last posted a story but life at home has been hectic,first of all my uncle sadly passed away and that left me daunted for a day or two and what with Easter holidays and kids being off school I’ve basically had my hands full..whilst being off we done some … More Isolation

An autistic child

Here I am locked inside my own little world, you think I don’t listen but I hear every word, sometimes I get frustrated because you don’t understand, it’s not my fault,it’s the way I am. I wish I could say what I want to say, but I’m autistic so that kind of gets in the … More An autistic child

Too much

Yesterday we celebrated our 4th child’s birthday..we had a “small party” for her “big 1st birthday” ..it was only her grandparents from both sides and my best friend and ourselves..her god-parents came to see her yesterday during the day as her god-mother is heavily pregnant and due her next baby. I prepared light finger food … More Too much

All clear

The dreaded day came yesterday morning when I had to take Jayden off to the hospital to the skin dermatologist..it was an early wake-up call as I had to be there for 8.50am…we left here just after 7.30 am..and Jayden’s school was off yesterday so I had to take his younger sister and baby too..I … More All clear

Scary thoughts

Jayden has a great big canvas picture opposite his bed of “kevin” the yellow minion..this was also one of his many obsessions way back..but it’s occurred to me in recent times that he is scared of him..because one night whilst feeding the baby I checked on the rest of the kids in bed and everyone … More Scary thoughts

Watch me fly….

I am beautiful,not broken…                     Different,not defective… Challenged, not challenging..                     I am autism, watch me fly. 💫