Just a quick question in respect to the mmr vaccination…my youngest is currently 13 +months old and I have declined her mmr jab,I’m sceptical about the whole issue of it..I’m stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea..I’ve so many reasons to believe it has links to autism..I’ve done my research and I’m pretty much 50/50 on it…I was speaking to a lady who maintains and has strong beliefs that her 13 month old baby son was “babbling” away as normal and happy and chirpy and then the day following his mmr, his speech just stopped…I spoke to quite a few parents who believe it definitely has links..I researched the whole Wakefield story and I’m kinda with him for some reason…obviously doctors and medical professionals are going to remain on the ladder to dispute any links to autism…why??? Because they get paid substantially large amounts of cash for every vaccination that’s passed through their books..it’s all about marketing..take for instance a dog shampoo..its pricey but its marketing label has reached the high stores and before you know it nearly every pet lover has purchased the product regardless of its price,why?? Because it’s “in the public domain” and everyone’s talking about it..but the dog reacts to the shampoo and it has severe hair loss and develops a rash and the list goes on..but the people who “aren’t” selling the product (like us for instance) tell our friends and then our friends tell theirs and so on and before you know it the product deteriorates in sales and suddenly it’s off the market. But the normal civilians took it off the market because they had an opinion and people listened…But medical professionals can still maintain mmr is good for our innocent children yet the rates are climbing (particularly) in boys for being diagnosed with autism..if the number is rising significantly and vaccines are causing it because people are not able to detox the metals,doesn’t that make asking the question worthy of true evaluation of a product we are encouraged to use thoughout our lives?? Should investigations be done by someone NOT working in the company and someone who doesn’t receive financial gain from the sale of the product?? It becomes Russian roulette..its not fair to children..its also unfair to parents that they are told mmr jabs are safe and effective and not told the risks…the lack of informed consent is marketing. The conflict of interest for a doctor doesn’t make vaccines safe,it puts a huge question mark on them. I need feedback on this,is anyone with me or am I talking through my back end?? I’m torn but I’m like most other parents,I only want the best for my children,and I don’t want lightning striking twice. Thank you.

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  1. Always trust your mommy gut! It will guide you for what’s best for you and your family. I did do the shots with my kids, and they are fine, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t truth behind your concerns. You do you, and hold firm against any who don’t respect that.

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  2. So very well put Patricia!! You obviously have done your research on this and I support you all the way as I have heard a lot of similar opinions in recent months! The Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of influence on the medical profession and the use of these products so this would make me dubious about their effectiveness. If I were you I would ask more questions and demand answers from the medical profession, especially if you feel this affected Jayden! Take care. Talk soon xx

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    1. It’s a very tough decision Mary..I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t..I have mothers from support groups who are adamant that the mmr led their children to autism..I do understand though that genetics are understood to be the awakening of it but I still remain on the fence with it all..I can’t find so far a child who is autistic that didn’t have mmr but doctors and paediatricians will state otherwise..it’s a tough one..and I don’t have much time on my side to really find out..but I will speak with my doctor and raise my concerns but I’m positive I already know his answers…I’ll chat to you’s very soon Mary and thanks xxx


  3. I have had similar concerns. Declan was using a lot of words and then lost his speech after he got his vaccinations. It was hard for me to not blame them for this loss of speech. But then I learned that typical brain development in an 18 month old includes the formation of synapses. For the child with autism, their synapses are also forming, but not pruning themselves down. So they are abundant and mis-firing. I allowed for him to then get his 4 year old vaccinations, and we had no regressive behaviors. Nothing else was lost. I wrote about it all here. http://www.autismfamilypower.com/vaccinations-and-autism/?frame-nonce=e074aa61ff
    The choice is a tough one. I feel for you.

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  4. Wow I’ve just read so many of your stories Robyn…and it’s like I’ve had a school day all over again but for all the right reasons…im also learning from you..thank you…you really are an inspiration to both your own family nest and the rest of the world…keep doing what your doing..I’m so intrigued by your stories. (I honestly hope life treats both catelyn and Declan the easy way and how they deserve) we all want the best for our heroes.


  5. Hi, sadly the inaccurate paper that linked Autism and MMR was so wide spread that it has clouded a lot of peoples mind. The paper was disproven many, many times. However I can understand why parents may be unsure. All I can say is-research Mumps, Measles and Rubella and the impact it will have on their lives if they contract this as a result of not being immunised. I warn you it can be scary to read as it can lead to death! Then weigh up which you ‘prefer’ (not the word I’m looking for but hopefully you get what I mean). Also, think about the community around you-there are many children who are allergic to vaccines and rely on others being immunised to lower their risk of catching anything. End of the day, its your family so its your decision.


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