It’s been a while since I last posted a story but life at home has been hectic,first of all my uncle sadly passed away and that left me daunted for a day or two and what with Easter holidays and kids being off school I’ve basically had my hands full..whilst being off we done some lovely things together,we took the children out and went for meals,had an Easter egg hunt and travelled to the south of Ireland on Easter Monday to an adventure park and kids all had a ball…but school was never mentioned whilst being off school from Jayden,he was so pre-occupied with where we were going to next..he was so happy at Easter..The day before school was opening again he seemed really down…he had zero interest in nothing regardless of whether he was going to have fun or not..he wasn’t eating great either..I decided to take him upstairs to his bedroom around 3o’clock to have “a talk” with him..I asked him what was upsetting him and why he was feeling my horror he said he didn’t want to go back to school because he “hates it there”..why I asked? He said that the boys in the playground told him to stay out of the football game and that he wasn’t allowed to play with them and that they didn’t want him in their team..he also said that he is always on his own at break and lunch time..(I swear if you met Jayden you couldn’t fault him) I’m by no means biased when I state that but he’s clearly the most affectionate wee boy you could meet,he falls in love with anyone who gives him their attention,he has a soft spoken voice and he absorbs everything..needless to say I was emotionally fragile after he told me that..but I had to keep strong in front of him..he said he plays with this one girl who “sometimes” plays with him..he asked my why no one wants to play with him and why he’s always left out..again being the repetitive story teller that I am I give him my all and tell him exactly what he wants to before I knew it he was acting like himself again and this continued until bedtime..then it was lights out and off to school the next day..He seemed happy enough to head on to school that day..but that was my time then to reflect on everything he had told me and it did hurt me ALOT..unfortunately it’s the world today in which we are living in..and at just 7years old turned it’s going to get worse for him..I want to go to school with him,I want to learn him everything myself and sit with him at the dinner table and go out on the playground with him and play games with him,just us…like we do at home in our own garden..and I want to call him my best friend but I can’t..I can’t ever do that..I can’t be there when the bullies are bossing him about and making him feel worthless..but my God I wish with all my heart I I would change things for him and every other vulnerable child who is isolated and’s so sad that parents can’t teach their children to respect other children,I remember one time I posted a picture on my Instagram page about Jayden and what I wrote in it came from my own thoughts and it’s so true..For parent’s to encourage their children to always offer friendship if they see a child alone,what feels like footsteps to us can feel like miles to them…please please please spread the message to support all families and children with additional needs,they can’t interpret what we can..since then Jayden just goes with the doesn’t seem to bother him as much these days,he’s happy when he’s at home and that’s where he spends the majority of his time so for that end of it im grateful that I’m here for him everyday..and the people that makes him happy..including my own mother who is an absolute godsend to us..she gives him so much of her attention and thinks the absolute world of him but only because of how he’s affected..she does love all her grandchildren but I think she holds a soft spot for him because she has a son who has special needs herself (my own brother) and it’s kind of hit home again for her,in a deja-vu sort of way..he’s spoilt rotten when he’s in granny and granda’s company..he will stay there at her house some weekends and he always comes home happy..for that alone is like a lottery win for couldn’t buy that..I am going to his school to address the matter with his teacher tomorrow and I’ll be very interested in what they think of it all…it’s sad to think any child is treated that way in today’s society but I’m hoping one day that with a lot of reinforcements we will get this matter sorted before it escalates further..everyone needs a friend in their life to pick them up and give them confidence and reassurance and I’m no different myself…were only human afterall.❤️🌈

7 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. I’m sorry your uncle passed away. And I am terribly sorry Jayden feels alone. I completely understand wanting to be able to go to school with him, and spend every moment with him and be his best friend. I want to do the same thing. Families with extra needs do need that extra support, and I wish more children were being taught how to include kids with extra needs in a way where everyone has fun. That is wonderful to hear you have such a wonderful mother. So happy for you and that blessing! I think Jayden is perfect, and I would love to be his friend too!

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  2. Patricia my heart breaks for little Jayden when I read this! He’s so lively and lovable. I know it must be so hard for u to see him upset! All mothers know that feeling. But ur doing a great job with him and the girls too! Be proud of ur self Patricia! Xx

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    1. Thank you Mary..but with him being how he is makes me more upset because he takes so much and can’t explain how he really feels or he would maybe get shouted or laughed at..unfortunately it’s part and parcel of how his life may be laid wish is that he will have one friend to call on in the years to friend who will help him when he needs a bit of back-up..but I’m hopeful and positive that it will happen for him one day


  3. Hi Patricia, This is my first chance to see your blog. Jayden is very fortunate to have such an amazing mother who tries to see life through his eyes. I think that having such love in his life is like having the battle half won. Many kids do not have a parent who tries to understand what’s going on let alone go to bat for them. Your love will go a long way for him, not saying it will be easy though but you will see many achievements. You are his Angel. Love and God bless your family always.

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    1. What a beautiful message to wake up to,my god Roisin you have such a unique way with words…thank you ❤️..I do try..he’s so special to us…I just want his life to run well for him…worry is my middle name (didn’t you know) I hope you are all keeping the best,send my love to everyone xxxx


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