Too much

Yesterday we celebrated our 4th child’s birthday..we had a “small party” for her “big 1st birthday” was only her grandparents from both sides and my best friend and ourselves..her god-parents came to see her yesterday during the day as her god-mother is heavily pregnant and due her next baby. I prepared light finger food for the visitors and made carrot-cake cupcakes and my mother-in-law made her a beautiful wee cake for her birthday..I usually do their birthday cake but this year it was too much so it was a great weight lifted for me..and a wee tray of sweets and nibbles..along with a cup of was lovely and Jayden was running around and grabbing anything sweet he could see..and I let him..I usually would be quite strict at what he eats before bedtime but it was his baby sisters party and it’s not everyday you get to indulge as a child..but when it was hitting his bed mark time he complained of a sore tummy and how he felt sick (because he ate wayyyy to much) then all of a sudden he became so upset that everyone was trying to console him and see what was wrong..he simply wouldn’t stop crying and I decided to say night night to everyone on his behalf and took him quietly upstairs and cleaned his teeth and got him ready for bed..he was still weepy but nowhere near as bad as what he was in a room full of people downstairs..I told him the story of goldilocks and the three bears (he prefers me reciting the story my way,and no books) and within minutes he was laughing and smiling version lasts abt 10 minutes..and it’s a funny version where I act like the daddy bear and make the noises cheered him right up..But in hindsight I knew what was “really” wrong with actual fact his routine was disrupted significantly,he’s not used to the hustle and bustle of me getting a Chippy for us during the week and people coming in and out of the house..that bit is actually bearable for him but the noise after a while becomes too much for him..I instantly knew when he was upset that it was too noisy and congested for him,everyone is thinking he’s just tired or feeling sick because he ate too much sweet treats when I know what it actually was that was making him upset, the funny thing is he never complained once of feeling sick when I took him upstairs and got him ready for bed and told him his story,he laughed so much and said his prayers after that and kissed me was a nice wee day nonetheless..and as usual we got through it just fine.

3 thoughts on “Too much

    1. I wish her well the wee angel..I really do break my heart at all the children with additional needs in the world..I’m the biggest worrier..if I could help them all I would..I just want everyone to strengthen’s very hard and challenging sometimes for us but in the end it’s them who we are building to enforce additional mental stability..we are in this together.

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