All clear

  1. The dreaded day came yesterday morning when I had to take Jayden off to the hospital to the skin was an early wake-up call as I had to be there for 8.50am…we left here just after 7.30 am..and Jayden’s school was off yesterday so I had to take his younger sister and baby too..I can’t even remember the drive down the road as all I could think about was his outcome…I’m so negative sometimes but being given a red flag referral from the gp probably didn’t help my thinking..we arrived at 8.40am..we all headed in regardless of being early and we were literally heading back out to the car 20 minutes later..a long story cut short the dermatologist looked at his mole and took images from her professional camera and uploaded them onto the computer and showed me some magnified images of it and it was so fascinating how you could see the very hair follicles and pigment of his skin so clearly..he had a single hair follicle growing out of his mole..this is actually reassuring for them when they see this. If there was anything behind it then the hair wouldn’t grow she said..she said she is very confident everything is ok..and I would get a letter in the post from the doctor when he reviewed if I hear nothing he’s fine I’m assuming..we still have to go back down whatever will be will be..I’m hopeful it’s nothing please god..she seemed happy to let him go..then afterwards I took him and 2of his sisters off to a wee cafe for a lovely fry-up..and it was divine!!! I’m a sucker for a full English!!! We all far this week alls well that ends well..My prayers are being answered..💙🌈

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