Give him a break…

From he was a small baby he had what I thought was more of a beauty spot than a mole on his right hand side of his back just resting on his shoulder became over time that it appeared somewhat darker so me. Being the overprotective mother I jaunt him off to our local gp only to be told “thankfully” that it was fine and nothing to worry about (this was last year). Just Saturday evening past after his shower I dried Jayden and put his moisturiser and roll on deodorant on and “noticed” his mole had a halo type ring around it. I said to his daddy about it and showed him and he immediately said take him 1st thing Monday morning to the doctors to get it forward and there to my disappointment the doctor (who by the way was so informative and kind) said there are 3 referral letters they make in circumstances to send referrals to other healthcare professionals to get seen, 1) being routine 2) being urgent 3) being red flag.. and my wee superhero has a red flag referral made,and today being Tuesday he has an appointment Monday morning already at a dermatology clinic about 40 miles heart is heavy..I feel like I’ve been knocked down in some way..what if something is wrong?? What if it’s bad news?? His doctor just doesn’t like the halo around the mole,it’s concerning him more than anything..the surface is smooth nonetheless and it’s not too prominent..I’m hopeful too though..I would be a hypocrite if I said otherwise as I’m the “daft old quote” woman who loves the saying “faith can move mountains”..I still have faith in this..I just can’t help but think when is he going to have a break??..First his diagnosis,then his wee eyes,now currently under investigation for ADHD and now wee man..πŸ’” he does break my heart a lot but only for the love that’s bursting out of me for him..he’s so special to prayers are consistent every night now,they always have been but a few more has been added for good measure..I just want him to have a break..I want him to be happy and enjoy his wee life..not this..πŸ’™πŸŒˆ

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