Scary thoughts

Jayden has a great big canvas picture opposite his bed of “kevin” the yellow minion..this was also one of his many obsessions way back..but it’s occurred to me in recent times that he is scared of him..because one night whilst feeding the baby I checked on the rest of the kids in bed and everyone was fast asleep except my wee “superhero”,at 4am he was bright eyed and bushy tailed,he gave me such a fright,he was like Popeye..eyes gazing at kevin the minion like he was out of a horror movie..he has asked me to turn his picture every night the opposite way and rest it on the floor against his bed..he said his eyes are following him around the room and watching him..has anyone else come through a phrase like this or similar? How did you handle it? I have said I will get him a new picture but he’s refusing to let it go regardless of how scared he feels,bless him…these are small “tugging on my heartstrings” moments..when he should be catching dreams instead of feeling terrified and afraid to sleep..I have opted for his father to sleep beside him some nights as he sleeps soundly when he has company..and he just loves his daddy too which is a bonus..I do love him so much..I’m constantly making sure he’s happy regardless of whether he’s showing his wee smile or not..I always know when he’s content..I think most mothers will agree that we know best..we know when they are happy and content..instinct?? We just know..end off..πŸ’™πŸŒˆ

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