Little fish

Jayden came in from school last week with a letter from his teacher  stating whether or not parents give consent for the school to take the class off to the swimming pool on a Tuesday..imagine drawing the circle around the “I do not give consent” (I wouldn’t dream of it) ever!! Off course I said yea and paid the fee,it’s a 7week course and my wee man has quite the swimming technique so proud of how far he has come in his one to one class..there are 6 levels,level 1 being beginner and level 6 being advanced and a fully accomplished Jayden is currently at level 3..he’s nearly onto level 4..he used to go to group sessions with up to 10 kids on one lesson with one instructor,I had him at that for 30 weeks in total until I realised my money was practically being burned in front of me..why??? Because 9 of the kids were non-autistic and the one who was isolated from the whole group was wee Jayden,week after week I sat and watched in disbelief and such disappointment in the swimming instructor who never payed any attention to him at all only for the last 5minutes of the session,(1 session lasts 30-35 mins) every time he went in for those sessions he would swim and paddle about like a lonesome boatman on his own,he would wave and smile at me continuously throughout and the other 9 kids were swimming together and learning in a group whilst Jayden wasn’t thought off..what the hell was i paying for?? So i plucked up the courage (finally) to tell the instructor exactly what was on my mind,and her reply was “oh he won’t stay in the group,he’s too easily distracted”,I couldn’t speak,I actually wanted to slap her for a second..(this is not my character) though it did cross my mind,I stated to the manager before I signed him up to the group sessions that he had “additional needs” and was autistic,they were more than happy as they had autistic kids for many of those sessions..I hope one day my post is read by people on the receiving end of this sort of situation themselves..this is not good enough,we need our communities and our people to come together and support these children,it’s wrong and unfair,they have very fragile minds and are heavy thinkers,putting any child in that sort of situation is wrong never mind our “special” kids..Jayden used to come out of that pool most evenings having major meltdowns because he thought No one at the pool liked him,when I say meltdowns I mean meltdowns..he is my jigsaw and i built him to what he is today,I don’t nor no one else needs some cruel minded individuals to pull a piece of jigsaw puzzle out to create a different picture so to I took him out of those sessions and put him with “kate” who works specifically with autistic kids and my good god she’s Fantastic with him,he has not only found someone he now trusts to follow through with instructions but also a friend,he talks about her constantly at home and that in itself says a lot about’s people like Kate who give our world a better name..we need more Kate’s..❤ now he’s off tomorrow with the school and his carer (1-1 carer)who will look after him,I can’t wait to hear how he gets on..I hope he has a lovely time..oh and before I sign off he got up Saturday night past at 4am (Sunday morn) for his money that the fairies dropped under his pillow..needless to say that was him up,bright eyed and bushy tailed for the rest of the day,I’m still recovering,ha!! 🌈❤

2 thoughts on “Little fish

  1. Inclusion! I don’t even think organizations realize how far they are from being able to include everyone in an activity. The swim school knew that Jayden had special needs – they were autism aware – but they were unable to find a way to include him in the lessons. I just signed my Declan up for swimming lessons. I was ready for the same situation you described and wore my bathing suit in order to be his 1/1 aid in the lesson so he could participate in the lesson with the other kids. Fortunately, some of the kids that signed up never came and he got 1/1 attention from one of the teachers. And he is doing great! So glad you Jayden found a special instructor as well!

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    1. So glad to hear that..I hope he enjoys his therapeutic time at the’s a time of indulgence for Jayden,he absolutely loves it now..kate really is fantastic with him,she works specifically with special needs and really engages with was hard to watch at the start..but I was never going to let that continue on..we are all happy with today’s outcome 🌈💜

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