Tooth fairy

So today Jayden comes back home from his overnight stay at granny’s and hands me a lovely white baby tooth..yup,another night of excitement is ahead and at least 30 different questions about the tooth they live,what their clothes and wings are like,whether or not they come in their dozens or one single fairy alone and to be quite honest I was almost as excited as him in the end..if I were told exactly what I told him about the fairies and the magical thoughts of it I would love it and be excited for bed time too..(can my teeth fall out too till I have a taste of his thinking and excitement)😃 And tonight he’s actually looking forward to bedtime bless him..this weekend so far hasn’t been so bad for us,sometimes the guilt eats me up because I’ve four kids and trying to soley divide time between them all sometimes takes it’s toll on us..I do try nonetheless,but Jayden in particular needs that extra time (ever so slightly) because of his additional’s understandable..I’m a keen baker and bake most of the kids birthday cakes and the usual like lemon drizzle cakes,scones,brownies,cupcakes etc and I find that anytime I’m baking in the kitchen Jayden particularly likes to dive in and I think of it as quite therapeutic for him,he has keen interest in getting his hands stuck in and guess what I let him..I’m a bit of an OCD freak if I’m honest and I never thought I could let such mess be created within my kitchen surroundings and me there witnessing it all but I just love it..I also find that this is stimulating for him so anyone wondering how to put a few “boring” hours in at home then I recommend getting the flour,eggs,butter (and all the fun ingredients) out and make some sweet treats,we all have to start somewhere and no better way to go than baking,start as you mean to go on,his favourite part of the whole process is the food testing and our Jayden and the rest of the kids just love to grab a cupcake and even a cup of tea with beaming smiles from ear to ear,and knowing that they take most of the credit for it because I try to encourage it as much as possible,it’ll prove one day to be of benefit for them off to to bed,I’ve a feeling we are going to have a little boy up in the early hours to look for his tooth fairy money..and quite possibly fairies too..🌈❤

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