Baby brain

Does any of you mother (or fathers) have the occasional baby brain or in my case most of the time?? I took my wee man to (what I thought)  his usual 1 to 1 swimming lessons this evening at 4.30pm,my husband arrived home from work a little earlier this afternoon so it was perfect timing for me..he would take our wee “superhero” into the changing rooms and get him dressed for the pool and so on,leaving me available to mind the baby, (I’m still currently breastfeeding our baby at 11 months old) I thought I could watch him for a change without constant distractions from his sisters and making sure they were around me at all times. So we arrive at the pool and my husband and wee man head on in while me and our baby head in after we lock the car etc (our eldest is at home with her friend) and our 2nd youngest is with her grandparents so it was leaving it stress free for me for a change. I head in only to find his swimming instructor meet me coming down the stairs from the changing rooms,she greets me politely and looks at me like “what are you doing here” so to speak..I said “hello Kate” you will find “Jayden coming out of the changing rooms any minute” (yay!!! I’ve exposed his name for you all,FINALLY!!) she then looked at me and said that jaydens lessons with her had ended, OMG!!! She actually told me this 2weeks ago but me being me has a head like a sieve,there goes my baby brain again!!! The sheer embarrassment it brought to me after rushing him to finish his school homework and have all done before we all left this evening..and all I could think was he will be so dissapointed,he hates being let down,but she said she was seeing a new client and taking her on 1 to 1 and that she will keep an eye on Jayden for us so he won’t feel let down and know no different, she also wouldn’t take any money for this off me,I proceeded to pay her a few times but she remained reluctant on taking it,how kind of her,there you go,there is still generous,kindhearted,considerate,hardworking and beautiful people all around us,it’s finding them and trying to keep them in our mums we do remain forgetful at our best but it’s only because the rest of our minds are taken up with our children,what with worry and making sure homework does get finished,appointments are attended,ect..I used to beat myself up at how forgetful I was but now I don’t because I’m human and I’m allowed to forget,I’m not perfect,in fact no one is. 🌈❤️

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