High functioned to the limits part 2:

It became clear in time that our “superhero” made quite a few demands when he found his voice,put it this way he knew exactly how to work me and his father,for all the right reasons to him but quite the opposite to us, ha!! Wearing glasses was a challenge for him in itself,why? Your probably thinking it was hard work for him keeping them on when in actual fact it was hard work getting them off,he never wanted to part with his glasses EVER!!!! He wore them everywhere,he could see the world from a much more clearer view,bless him. When it came to bath time he refused point blank to take them off,he wore them to bed,in the pool,in the shower,in fact the only time they left his face was when he was and still is fast asleep,I make a point every single night to pop in and discreetly take them off and set them beside his bedside lamp..but if he woke up for needing to do a pee they were straight back on,every morning he has them on when I wake him for school..they are quite simply his lifesaver..but in time this proved to be hard work especially at keeping them in “1 piece”. He took them off roughly and his sister would play fight a lot with him and before you knew it another pair was broken,this is what he couldn’t deal with,he couldn’t understand why there wasn’t another pair waiting only the spare pair he had was already in getting repaired,I wouldn’t of minded it as much only they cost me £35 (for each pair) to get them repaired,and the glasses itself were either designer or a football clubs frames,he couldn’t take the basics,and rightly so,why should he wear something 24/7 if it weren’t attractive to him,I spoilt him and still do,as long as my wee man was smiling and happy then I was too…no matter about the lessoned amount in my purse..he was and still is worth every penny and more..the reason they cost me so much is because I get his lenses thinned down,his prescription is so high that they would make his eyes appear very prominent and large to everyone and I’m not going to take or bring a child’s confidence regardless of their needs down so they feel left out or different from their peers at school, he has the most beautiful eyes too which hurts me sometimes as they are shielded every single day..but my precious boy can see me so I’m happy about that, his friends at the pool are so familiarised with him and his swimming instructor that they pass no remarks on him wearing his glasses to the pool,I bought him special swimming goggles for the pool with special lenses so he can see properly but he won’t for love nor money wear them..he’s just set in his own wee way..it got with time that he would become more frustrated over little things,he would get obsessed with things from time to time, like a football,he would not just want one ball he would want 6,7,8 balls..and another obsession was lego..no matter what or when we went to town he would play smart with me minutes before leaving our home that I would buy him more lego, and I did because I wanted an “easy life”, but it was the hyperactivity that was tough on us as a family,every single day after dinner-time he would not stop..in fact from the minute he wakes every morning until he goes down to bed at night he doesn’t stop,he’s a machine..(or so I think sometimes) I often wonder how he keeps up with it all,he never stops asking questions and they are often repetitive,so your constantly answering over and over the same thing throughout the day..it’s part and parcel of who his character is..His sleep pattern has been disrupted from he turned 4, I don’t know why..he has an obsession of waking up at 4-5am and coming in to our bedroom and sneaking out with one of our mobile phones and the you-tube channel get a blast until I decide to waken and head in and confiscate it,(this could go on for 2-3 times  throughout the night) so not only mine but more importantly his sleep is broken every night..this is still a recurring thing..so after so long of going through sleepless nights I decided to head back to his gp and explain his situation to him,he got referred to another doctor who specialises with autistic children who then explained the lack of melatonin levels in his body,(we all produce this in our bodies naturally) but he advised me in trying this,I was reluctant at first as I felt I let my wee boy down,I felt like I had failed once again as his mum,I didn’t want to see “my wee brown bear” fall asleep unnaturally every single night artificially with a drug..(brown bear is another pet name I have for him) but in time he would suffer at school and miss out on the important things, the doctor assessed him,only this time for ADHD, on top of what he has already..his doctor also asked me vital questions about him,like does he sleep with music at night and does he keep a light on and so on..and the answers to the above were all yes,he would never dream of going to bed without his bedside lamp on and his 80’s music playing every night 😁..yes he loves his music and you darent move to a different radio station either or you would pay for it,ha!! The doctor told me no…he said at night he should have a silent room with no light to have the knowledge to know the difference in night and day..and this is where I was going wrong..but little did he know the hard work I was going to endure in the months to follow. So yes I did follow his advice and gave him his required 3ml of melatonin every night 3o minutes before bedtime and I purchased a small nightlight from amazon,it was quite low light but bright enough for him to find his glasses to put on again,it worked after about a week of complete perseverance and “you have to be cruel to be kind” voice tones..my wee man was starting to sleep (not all night though) but long enough for me (he’s first up every single morning) his father scoots off for work at 7ish and he is the home alarm clock..🙈..this is the current situation as it stands..so my wee man is being assessed for ADHD (I wonder what his outcome is) here we are walking down the long and winding road yet again holding his hand..but through it all I’ll never stop holding his hand..he needs me,he needs us all,and guess what I need him too..🙏🏻🌈❤️

2 thoughts on “High functioned to the limits part 2:

    1. Wee Declan sounds like a wee blessing..I would love to be able to upload photos but I can’t,I think I need to head to someone who specialises in websites because im by no means computer literate..the melatonin definitely helps although I wish he could produce his own,maybe one day our two wee blessings will be able to..here’s hoping,please god!! And thank you xx

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