My life in a nutshell

A warm welcome to everyone who has a wee visit to my blog..I’m delighted to eventually (after months of thinking about it) get up and running and giving everyone a birds eye view of my happy,hectic and chaotic life..yes I’m baring flaws,my insecurities,my dilemmas,and my day to day life in what it consists of..I’m Patricia,an Irish married mum of 4..(currently anyway) 😁 I’m mum to three beautiful girls and to one wee superhero boy,(why I call him that will be unfolded soon,trust me you will enjoy the story when you read it) I hope!! I’m 33years old and I’ve been with my husband from I was 16!! Eekkk!! That’s a long time. I never would of imagined I would be sitting where I am now with who and what I’ve got, certainly not at that young age,but we did it..ok I’ll cut it short..I fell in love with my first love, clΓ­che as it sounds and as boaky as it probably makes someone feel when they hear about us it’s true..we had my first born when I was just turned 20,she made us stronger in our relationship for sure,I had to grow up quick,I moved out when I was just 19 to set up home on my own as I couldn’t live at home anymore,I have a special needs brother who lived at home (at the time) and social workers suggested moving out because it wasn’t fair to him being around a baby what with noise,nightfeeds etc which I totally understood..I got married to my other half at just turned 25 and we welcomed our last three within that time,my latest addition is a baby girl at 10.5 months..and we are so in wee “superhero” was who inspired me to write my blog..why?? Because he has autism..❀ and it’s been a rollercoaster for us all, ( we are still on that rollercoaster) I basically wanted to give parents an in depth view into our lives..he was diagnosed 1day before his 6th birthday,(he’s 7 now,just turned)I was heavily pregnant with our current baby when the doctor assessed him and brought me in and told me the news that I prayed to god I would never hear..he was autistic..from that day and 3weeks later was harrowing for me..I cried so so much, I couldn’t come to terms with it at all..pregnant flying hormones definitely played a huge role within that time scale..he was my wee πŸ˜‡ he really was..i blamed myself,I blamed his father,I blamed the mmr injection,but it wasn’t helping me and certainly not him..I was getting no answers,(and to who can relate to this right now),you never will find answers,you can blame,speculate and fill yourself with guilt all you like but take it from me,it won’t help you,you will waste days,weeks,months and even years trying to find answers but in return for that you will have lost valuable time,precious time and time waits for no one. I really hope this blog inspires people who feel like they are alone,like they can’t talk to anyone,or feel they have faulted through no choice of their own,I’m not only baring my life,I’m trying to help another one,and if I do that by being honest I can’t go wrong,I will give a chapter a day (everyday) about our busy lives and how we manage and deal with things together..I’ll sign out now and be back tomorrow,ps it’s not perfect so don’t be expecting cake and flowers writeups!! πŸ’œ

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